Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A sunny day

It rained yesterday morning, so I didn't ride. No, that's not quite right - It bucketed down.

It was really cold this morning (way too cold for January), so I didn't ride.

So I decided - despite the nasty looking clouds - that I'd cycle commute today instead of exercycling.

Home to the office, office to the city and back (twice - once for a meeting, the other time for lunch), nice cruise of a ride home in glorious sunshine along Chapel St - dinging the bell at pedestrians - then a quick ride to Prahran pool (back to Chapel St) for some laps (maybe I used to be, but I'm not really a swimmer anymore) and back home again.

So about 30k for the day.

Not like the 150k I did last Saturday, not enough to keep me in race condition, but I still enjoyed it.

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