Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not happy

Things break. It happens. And when it does you get them fixed.

I'm currently lucky enough to be spending some time in Byron Bay - the most easterly town in Australia. Great beaches, stunning scenery, and amazing riding.

This is what the most easterly (eastern?) traffic light in Australia looks like. It's the subject of quite a controversy, but this is a cycling blog, so I'm ignoring the politics.

Just before xmas, I took delivery of a not too expensive carbon fibre frame, from China, via eBay to replace a fairly worn out & heavy steel frame that I've been pushing around for 8 or 9 years.

It was a pretty good bike, until I took delivery of my Baum a few months ago, then it suddenly didn't seem to ride as well as it used it.

Funny how when you upgrade something that can happen.

But the group set (gear & brakes) and wheels were all ok, so I decided to upgrade the frame.

The new frame arrived 2 days before xmas, and the great guys at Byron Bay Bicycles managed to find the time to get all the bits moved across for me.

And I've been enjoying riding it - I reckon I'm a little quicker up hills, probably because I've dropped 3 or so Kg. Not from my waist (that would involve far too much hard work & discipline) but from the weight of the bike.

But it's been making funny noises when I go over bumps.

So back to Byron Bay Bikes to see if they could work out what was wrong ... and it seems the bottom bracket was 98% of the way to stuffedville, so out it came.

And that's where the problem is - this is a small town, and BBB is a small bike shop, and they didn't have a suitable replacement on hand, and the wholesaler promised on Monday that he'd ship it Tuesday, and now it's Thursday and it's not arrived, and I haven't ridden since Monday.


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  1. At least it can be repaired and it's a relatively in-expensive part. Things could have been much worse!