Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday is supposed to be ...

Monday is supposed to be an easy ride.
A long hilly ride on a Saturday, or racing on Sunday, or even both (I didn't race yesterday) means that for most regular riders, Monday is an easy ride. Lots of chat & big talk about the weekend's efforts, easy rolling of the legs, no pressure.

A recovery session.

Unless someone wants to push. 
It wasn't me, but as there were only two of us (the rest of the bunch turned back very early) and I felt like some company, I had to do some work.
There were eight or nine short sharp climbs - I reckon he took 6 to my 3. Good pace with a bit of chatter in between. Not 100% effort, but not coasting either. And for the run back into Byron .... it's about 4k from the highway to the 50kph sign just before town (the sprint finish line) .... And it was ON. A massive head wind, both of us taking short turns off the front, and push, push, push. He might have beat me over most of the hills for the KOM points, but I was first across the line.

Coffee and recovery was at Bay Leaf Cafe. Great coffee, excellent food, nice staff - worth the visit.

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