Monday, February 1, 2010

A few days off the keyboard

Yes, I've had a few days off the keyboard, but not off the bike.

It was a great week on the pedals last week - I ticked the front climb, up the switchback road, of Arthur's Seat off my "to do hill rides" list. Now I've go to go back and do it another 3 or 4 times (to learn the climb) and then do it against the clock.

Good easy Aussie Day ride with a mate. We sort of did a 50 something kilometre inner city cruise.

Wednesday morning I slept in (shock!) but did a great indoor ergo trainer session Wednesday night at Ridewiser, Thursday was an easy Beach Rd session then a brilliant massage Thursday night.

Friday is my current day off - and I needed it.

Saturday was a HUGE session up in the hills around Eltham. It might have only been 80k but we climbed 1,300m and most of it was STEEP (check out the route & profile here); and Sunday morning I did a crit racing skill session, although I decided not to race - mainly because of the howling Northerly: it wasn't a day to be dropped on the back straight.

Total distance for the week was 340k, which i'm happy with, but I'd like to be doing closer to 400.

Happy riding!

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