Sunday, April 26, 2009


We're competing in Late Classic (81 to 90) in the 2.0 to 2.5l category. There is an outright competition (we have no chance whatsoever) and a handicap event (not sure how many in that group, but not many - maybe only 3 or 4).

Today was documentation and scrutiny.

Tuesday we've got the prologue stage in George Town. We don't start the race proper until Wednesday.

Tomorrow we're at Symonds Plains - the local race track - I volunteered to do some hot laps with local kids as passengers. Which meant I got to select our documentation & scrutiny time for this morning.

And I picked first available slot at 9:00.

Got there a few minutes early, we were first in line and all done by 9:20. Last year I had a middle of the day slot and they were running late and it took forever.

I'll post another photo later in the week when it's full, but I took this when we were the only car in the Silverdome - quite a sight.

Then a bit of stuffing around, decals on the doors, and we're in the middle of nowhere doing recce again.

It rained nearly all day, but we got through most of what we wanted to do, including taking a look at Cethana, one of the classic Targa stages: 40k, up and down a couple of big hills, lots of very fast sections mixed with tight, tight corners.

After Cethana we had an interesting stop in beautiful Wilmot, Tasmania, where the one & only service station isn't open after 2 on a Sunday afternoon. It was almost 5 when we pulled in, the petrol light having been on for 50k or more of hilly terrain. I called the RACT - there was no way we were going to make it to the next town, but as we settled in to wait we noticed someone in the closed General Store / Post Office / Petrol Station. They kindly opened up, sold us a tank full and we were back on our way.

About 550k of driving, nearly 9 hours in the car, now it's time for something hot to eat and cold to drink.

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