Friday, April 24, 2009

New toys!

I bought a Tryedog system today - wireless temp & pressure sensor for my tyres.

No more getting out of a warm, dry cabin and fiddling in the cold & rain with a pressure gauge that never quite wants to go on the valve stem. This year, we're doing it the modern way.

It took about 6 minutes to install - 2 minutes to read the manual and 1 minute for each corner of the car.

The photos are crappy, but you can see the rear left (R. L.) sensor and the display showing 31.5 all around. And yes, I know that's a bit high, but the car is sitting in my garage, not on the start line. I'll be running around 28 degrees cold, depending on the weather.

Next step is easy - in about an hour, we're driving to Port Melbourne, getting on the Spirit of Tasmania, and sailing to Devonport.


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