Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Disaster prevented ....

OK, the nice people at Wormold are going to recertify my fire gear tomorrow.

I was lucky - it needs to be recertified, like all pressurised fire extinguishers, every 2 years. And I had in installed in early 2008, so it shouldn't need it until early 2010. When I was picking up the car, I wondered aloud "when does the extinguisher expire?"

So we checked.

And it needs to be checked in Jan 2009, because it was MANUFACTURED in Jan 2007 and installed in Feb 2008.

It could have been an issue - if the scrutineer had noticed it on Sunday (and I reckon he would have), I would have had to find someone in Launceston to do it, or I might not have got a start. Horrible way to miss out on an event I've been looking forward to for nearly a year.

Anyway, that problem is behind me now.

Next we have to have the new decals put on the car (I'll post photos once they're done), new tyres (Thursday or Friday), and a few comfort items, like a spare fire proof balaclava .. It's one thing to wear a smelly balaclava under your helmet for a day on the track, quite another to wear it for 5 days running. Yuck.

I'm sure something will try to bite me between now and Friday, but I'll keep you posted.

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