Friday, April 17, 2009

Heading for Donna Buang

Ok, I've worked out the mail to blogger thing (not at all difficult). So that's one less excuse (not being near the PC)  for not blogging.

I've set myself a huge hurdle to get over tomorrow – I'm aiming for an almost 200 km ride, with a 16.8K climb in the middle: Mt. Donna Buang.  Elevation increase of 1080m, which means it's an average climb of about 6.5%

And there are a coupe of hills in the way between home and the base of the climb.

I'm not worried about the climb(s).

I'm not worried about the distance.

I'm a little worried about doing both together, but I need to get this under my belt well before July.

So now that I've bragged about the effort I'm going to put in tomorrow, I'll have to post some stats when I get home .... Maybe after the shower & something to eat!

1 comment:

  1. Its too easy, the mailto blog thing, not sure why you want to ride up a that mountainous thang? My thoughts will be with you while I am taking kids to ballet.