Sunday, April 19, 2009

A change of pace ...

Today I've swapped 2 wheels for 4 and dragged my rally car to Sandown for it's final shakedown session before I head to Tassie for Targa ( next Friday.

It's a Maserati Club practice day - I'm very proud to be both a member and on the Club's committee - but not many members run Maseratis.

Lots of Porsches, EVOs, Skylines,Lancers, BMW, an Aussie Race Car series car (go Ruth!), Jags, a couple of Peugeots, Alfas, a very fast Gemini (!), an Ariel Atom and other interesting odds & ends.

Mine is an early Porsche 944. First year of production. Not all that fast, but beautifully balanced and nimble in the twisty bits. Pity that Sandown is more straight than corner, but every bit of practice helps.

A number of people had offs which motorsport for "leaving the track when you didn't intend to". No one was hurt, and they clipped a minute here & there from some of the practice sessions and it didn't slow things down too much.

I only had one incident - someone in a big sedan who was much quicker than me on the straights, but had to start breaking WAY BEFORE I did ... so he was leaving me behind on the straights while in the corners I was almost ramming his back bumper. It's not a race, and there is no passing on corners or under brakes, so he SHOULD have let me through. But he didn't. So I bailed out of that session. I wasn't going to wreck my day, or my car, getting mad about some idiot who didn't know what he was doing. He'll learn (I hope).

And I was 4 seconds faster by the end of the day - an EXCELLENT result.

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