Sunday, July 19, 2009


(The French pronounce it TanTan).

In the middle of a roundabout in Provance - it's the rocket from Tintin's Destination Moon!

I stupidly ate a baked spud & roast veggies for lunch (and it was delicious) then went for a 40k ride an hour later.

I spent the first 30k trying not to spew my guts out, then came good (around the time I saw the rocket).

I stopped to take the pic, then had to hammer for 10 mins or so to catch the bunch.

Seems to be a good group - mainly Aussies, a couple of great blokes from Canberra, Phil & Mick, who were on the train with me, and a lovely lesbian couple from Las Vegas (OK, I'm just assuming they're lesbians, but the short one is very butch).

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