Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In an old house in Paris ...

In an old house in Paris all covered in vines, lived 12 little girls in 2 straight lines.

OK, maybe this isn't the house that Madeline lived in (she was the smallest one) but we're having the sort of fun that Pepito could only dream of.

It's the Tour de France's rest day, so I had to find something to do for the afternoon other than sit in cafes, drink beer (carbo loading?) and watch bike racing.

So we headed to Parc Asterix.

Not as many rides were as on topic as I would have liked - where was the chariot racing? Roman bashing? wild boar roasting? Nonetheless, we had fun, stood in lines (long lines), went on rides, saw the dolphin show (no, I don't know if ancient Gauls had dolphin shows) and just hung out.

Hanging out has to be the second most popular sport here - after cycling that is, well, maybe it comes in third after smoking.

It's a hanging out country.

I'm sitting in a park, hanging out, pecking this on the BlackBerry, while I watch one of my kids play a pick up soccer game with some French kids. No language barrier when you're 9.

Did I mention it's 9:30 pm?

We've just stuffed our faces at one of my favourite places in Paris - Chez Omar. Home of cous-cous like your mother never made. Moroccan pastries to stretch you belt and North African wine that tastes like what you'd expect North African wine to taste like.

Tomorrow it's Bastile Day, and I hope to see a parade and some fireworks. In the meantime, I'm going to ease the belt a notch, listen to the band playing in the park and watch my kids play.

Vive la France!

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