Saturday, July 4, 2009

I love to travel

This is what long haul travel looks like - there is always a school group (or a sporting team) flying on the cheapest tickets possible killing 6 or 7 hours dozing in an airport halfway to wherever they're going.

I'm not going to bang on about how boring long distance travel is, or how airports have become shopping malls, or how bad the person sitting across the isle always smells - these are the givens of travel.

I'm pecking this on the BlackBerry while camped out in Dubai airport - we're nearly in Nice, which will be very nice (sorry).

It a longish connection here - 4 hours: we've looked at shops, eaten Maccas (tastes the same as at home) and wandered around. Another hour or so and back on the 'plane.

I'm planning to be roadside on Sunday for Stage 1 of the Tour de France. It's passing about 15k from where we're staying, so we're all heading for Grasse to find a spot to watch the peleton whiz past. I'm excited, even if the kids aren't.

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