Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Corsican salade dressing

For my last proper meal before the long schlepp home (and endless airline meals), I'm eating in a tiny Corsican place here in Avignon: Mamma Corse.

I'm being attended to by, I'm guessing, Mamma herself. As I said it's a tiny place.

This evening I've formulated a new rule of dining: never order a wine that costs less than the average main course.

The Corsican rose` (sorry, can't get the accent working on this keyboard) I'm drinking is vile, but then it's only €12 for a bottle. Mains are €15 to 17. Maybe if it gets a little colder in the wine bucket it'll improve.

The salade was brilliant, with a wonderful, fragrant & sweet dressing. I need to learn how to say "how do you make this salade dressing?" as part of my ongoing French language studies.

And for Sir's main course: Le Poulet Farci (the c needs one of those underneath comas) - a baked chicken breast, stuffed with chevre and wrapped in ham. Nothing better than three animals all contributing to one plate, accompanied by polenta and roast eggplant.

Excellent. Ce Bon! Parfait!

I can't fit desert (how do they say "would Sir care for just one little wafer?" in Corsica?) and regrettably the wine hasn't improved as it's gotten colder.

But a great meal.

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