Thursday, July 29, 2010


I've been riding for maybe 25 years. Well, I've been riding a bike for over 40 years, but I've identified myself as a cyclist for about the last 25. No, I'm not going to reopen that can of worms about who is a cyclist.

In all the time I've been riding, I've only come off now & then. Everyone falls, even pro riders: what do you expect? It's an unstable 2 wheel conveyance, not a bed.

Last time was maybe 4 years ago, I got a mild concussion and was a little dopier than usual for the rest of the day. But no lasting damage (maybe the dopiness).

Until this morning.

Wet roads (quite unusual here in Melbourne the last few years) and I rolled over something extra slippery - bang! - the bike went out from under me and down I went.

My buddy David, riding second wheel, didn't have a choice: he landed on top of me. The other two boys we were with thought it was hysterical and said it was a Tour quality off.

The toll:

  • One cracked rib (David).
  • One broken scafoid (?) bone (mine - could mean 6 weeks in plaster).
  • Bent frame & broken brake/gear assemblies (mine).
  • Lots of pride and assorted road rash.
But like all good knucklehead cyclists, we rode home. It only hurt when I lent on the bars (you try riding up a hill one handed). A quick trip to the hospital, some painkillers and I've got a temp half cast until Monday, then back for a bone test (not really sure what that is, but they said to bring a book), and the doctor will decide if it's two or six weeks of plaster.

I'm just pissed off that I'm going to have to be doing my riding indoors for a week or two .... I've been using the bike for commuting so much I was about to cancel my car spot at the office. I guess that'll have to wait until I'm rolling again.

Huge props to my Twitter buddies for their concern & good wishes!

And a big tip 'o the hat to the great folks at Cabrini Emergency room - very friendly and efficient.

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