Monday, June 22, 2009

The lazy blogger

I've realised I need to make a bit more effort with this blog.

Twitter is easy - I can happily inform whoever it is that listens to me at least half a dozen times a day that I'm catching a tram, what I'm having for lunch, that it's Sauv Blanc O'clock, or how many Km I rode that day.

This blogging thing is a little more complex. I feel I should be putting serious & worthwhile things on paper, rather than the frivolous nonsense (a tautology?) that I Tweet about.

And I seem to have lost my way a little - the intent of the blog when I started it earlier this year was to chart my preparation for the Etape du Tour in late July, and of course, the event itself. I've hardly mentioned cycling; instead I've been banging on about motorsport.

Bad luck, it's my blog, so until someone start paying me for 500 words at a time about a specific subject (as if) I get to pick what I write about.

Part of the reason for the almost silence on the cycling is that the preparation has been, for anyone other than me, a little dull. There are only so many times you can hear about my efforts up specific climbs, or how my average cadence has improved over the last few months. There are some days I don't think my cycling coach even wants to hear about it, although he's enough of a professional that he'd never show it.

So I guess I need to do one post about the entire preparation - but I don't feel like it today.

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