Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The wrap up

It was an amazing week.

The last two days were tough: we covered over half the competitive distance, and most of it in the rain. We backed off the pace, took it a little easier, but still managed to achieve our dry times in the wet.

The worst stage was Queenstown - 99 corners on a slippery, greasy road ... On one side a rock all, the other a plunge to the valley below. I get the steering crossed up a couple of times, but we got through. The stage claimed one of the event's overall favourites, Kevin Weeks in his Lamborghini Gallardo - over the edge, and they needed the rescue team to cut them out of the car.

We hit better than needed times on all stages, so we achieved our Targa Trophy.

We did cop the penalty for passing too close to a chicane, which cost us about 5 placing in the overall standings, but we still managed to win our Class.

And now I've returned to life with speed limits and school pick ups. I guess my dream of becoming a professional race driver will have to remain just that.

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